custom CLOSETS in South Florida

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Our European inspired designs, each made from imported Italian materials, the Moderna line provides for one-of-kind contemporary and unique styles. Expert craftsmanship, custom made, and with rich and varied material selections, makes the Moderna line highly sought-after by the most discriminating of homeowners to the South Florida construction & interior design community.



Distinctive and bold styling, custom made to meet the demands of your lifestyle. Luxe includes all the newest features in design; this luxurious style is way ahead of the curve. Part contemporary, part progressive, beautiful Luxe line pushes design to an entirely new level in a way that expresses individual personality and passion.



Timeless, classic style features welcoming and practical spaces with bright whites and colors or choose rich woods and rustic finishes; all with plenty of innovative storage solutions to enhance the comfort and style of any decor. The classic line offers custom made storage solutions, where you can select from a wide variety of accessories and space arrangement.


pantry & laundry

Allow us to help create a functional pantry and laundry room with plenty of storage with shelves, drawers and wall cabinets that will keep you organized and add value to your home. We will help you transform the often-overlooked space of a pantry or laundry room to meet your décor and lifestyle needs, at the same time optimizing your storage space.